God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Now, it does suck a lot that a baby died after falling out of a seventh floor apartment window. That mother is probably a long time from getting over that. But, two things come to mind:
1. This is the third child for this to happen to, in this same apartment complex, in the last two years. You'd think someone would figure this out, eh? Patricia Anderson, vice president of property management for said she wasn't aware of any complaints about screens in the building. "I don't have anything that has been brought to me that would indicate there is a consistent problem," she said. Seems a thing like this would stick with you...yeah, a big three cheers for faceless corporate apartment management.

As for mom, I mean, come on, a toddler can get into damn near anything, you think a screen is gonna hold him? Even if it hadn't been "popped loose", he'd have gone through it...and who in their right mind leaves a 7-year-old in charge of a toddler? Have a brain...I dunno 'bout you, but a 16-month-old child, in my world, is never to be left to his own devices, short of a sturdy playpen...and even then, probably not. Hey, you have a child, you make the commitment.

2. Didja see the child's name? Saviour God-Scientific Allah Something-or-other-last-name. Maybe she wasn't fit to have kids anyway, eh? "No, I've got to get Saviour," she yelled as she ran. "Saviour, Saviour." Someone tossed this at the end of the article for a chuckle, I just know it.

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