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Friday Pix

I know it's been a little quiet over this-a-way lately, but that doesn't mean I've forgotten about you.

Even the Terminator is nice to his grandparents.

With this tattoo, you've always rolled a 20.

Ooh, someone was mad.


....help me...

"The Sand People are easily frightened, but they'll soon be back, and in greater numbers..."

Explain all you want, fat boy, you're not the one that has to face the landlord.

Well, guess I'll take the stairs, then.

Decorating lanterns

Any agency will tell you, sex sells.

Coming in low

"And now, let us read from the book of Caffeine, Chapter 4, Verse 3: And lo, did he bring the Coca-Cola until his people..."

Nifty shirt

Sometimes, you have to choose which need is greatest, the need to pee or the need to IM.

When you want your weiner roasted perfectly...

10 tacos? Dude, drive me to Taco Bell.

Somehow, sliding out of an elephant's butt doesn't sound too fun.

"Yeah, Bob, we had a slight overflow in the restroom, can you clean that up?"


The last thing you'll be seeing for a while.

FAME! I'm gonna live forever...

Now, THERE'S a babe who knows how to play hard-to-get...

I'm reminded of a Ray Bradbury story about the people that gather at accidents...

In response to last times "goat tree", I bring you the cat tree.

Hmm, solar panels, but still has a thatched roof. Must be some small country that the US rebuilt.

Oh, damn, this is the cat drawer, the pens must be in the other one.

Adolf hopes you had a nice Easter.

And that, as they say in show biz, is that. Have a good weekend!


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