God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

So, first night of the Zompire Film Festival was fun. Not a lot of people, but the first year is always the hardest to get going, right? Was good to see rowan_ashe, who always runs up to give me a big hug, and maxomai and skeletoncrew. Ran into Edward-Monkey, which gave me a chance to ask him how post-production is going on Flesh of my Flesh (answer: going along nicely, if a bit slowly, owing to the fact that he now has a day job). Managed to hang out and talk with Andrew Migliori (who started and ran this and the Lovecraft Film Festival), which was good, as it let me work on getting him to hire me to work for him one day. Offered my services for graphics and basic webwork to him, and if I finally get off my ass and learn PHP, I might just get in on it (should learn MySQL one of these days, too, I suppose). My film short that Edward-Monkey did was supposed to show last night, but it just...didn't. Ed and I were both sorta disappointed, but maybe it'll show tonight.

Anyway, things to do today before zombie movie goodness. Hey, go look in yesterday's posts, there's a Friday Pix there. Man, that's the least reaction I've ever gotten. What, you all stop reading me?

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