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Up way too early yesterday morning, felt terrible. Musta slept wrong, but I had to get up and get going, it was a farm day. Spent most of the morning burning brush piles...which sounds easy, but isn't, when you are the one dragging the brush to the fire, and that brush consists of piles of twisty old apple tree branches, tangled and sitting around for a while. Ended up having to saw half of them apart, by hand, so you better believe my shoulders didn't like that. Plus, Ray was using diesel fuel to help the fires get going, so I stank like diesel by the end of the day. Whee fun.

Racked our latest wine into the carboy (a wild-berry Shiraz, which is going to rock), and started another batch of the mango wine (since it's disappearing rapidly!). Finally got around to designing a basic label for us Monday, need to finalize it today. Not labelling every one, just the ones that get sent out as gifts.

Been thinking about Jessica; still don't really understand what happened, and wish she'd call. Honestly, I feel a little betrayed.

Up way too early today...and have no reason to be up. Ah well, just means more City of Heroes for me.

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