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-- Rumours claim that more people voted in this year's "American Idol" than in any presidential election? Not actually true, it seems, but still a scary thought about the number of votes, and the enthusiasm of voting. Why is anyone surprised? Hell, ignoring my own "that's extremely American" ranting, face it, AI is about supposedly "normal" people making it big, and gives ya song numbers, "entertainment," and a weekly bit of mindless entertainment. The Presidential elections give you a year of three guys bitching about each other incessantly, culminating in a big election where half the country is going to bitch about things for the next four years, and the other half is going to bitch about the first half and gloat.

-- So, when I first heard about Playboy doing "Girls of MySpace," I twitched. Like the camwhores don't have enough attention issues. Having now seen the photo spread (you can see it here (NSFW, obviously), but you'll need to join the community, which is pretty cool), I just laughed. Doesn't look like anyone I've ever seen around MySpace...or hardly anyone I've ever known, for that matter. Standard airbrushed, bob-jobbed, vacant-looking Playboy models. I wouldn't put it past them to have had all these women establish MySpace pages long before the shoot, just to make them official.

-- Creativity In Action: Apparently, someone developed an ultra sonic device that puts out a sound teens can hear and adults can't. Shopkeepers were using it to keep teens from loitering in front of their shops. Now, someone got smart and turned it into a ringtone so teens can get calls/text messages in class without the teacher knowing. *snicker* Good on ya, kids.

-- Lastly, the funniest ad for Firefox known to man.

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