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Christ, you are some postin' mothafackos. One day I take off from LJ, one single day, and it takes me 300+ frickin' posts to go back and read it all. Sheesh.

And what did I do in that day? Yardwork. Went to the farm, looked like it was gonna rain, but we figured we'd try and get some work in. Edged the garden, put up the last tent/gazebo in anticipation of this year's reunion, dug a hole in the garage for mower oil maintenance purposes, cleaned the tools out of the mower port and took the extraneous ones down to the barn, trimmed the grass edge near the north garden, rebuilt the burn pile cage, and other assorted smaller jobs.

Dianna started talking to the insurance people about the accident, etc. Chick's company is being pretty friendly and helpful about the whole thing, which is a positive thing. Not even making us get an estimate first, simply covering the repairs and paying for our rental in the meantime. Looks like the car will be in the shop for about a week. I see that Di's annoyed at the rental we got (a KIA that she says is less than perfect), but, frankly, I'm just glad it's being handled.

There are things around here I need to get done. CD's I promised I'd make for someone 2 weeks ago. Games to plan and write (and someone to e-mail back about them). Books to read. Comics to read, and comics to rearrange and store properly. Files to categorize. And, probably biggest in my mind, I need to call/write dravengodvamp about my trip up to Seattle in July, make sure we are clear on what we're doing and when, and schedules, etc., as well as seeing if I can hook up with anyone else while I'm there. I'm such a slacker these days. Well, in some ways.

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