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Friday Pix

Hey, it's just before Father's Day, it's overcast and rainy, and I don't have to go to work. Yes, it's that time again, time for a Giant-Sized Friday Pix!

It's a classic story, a boy and his constrictor.

Cool car, but it really gobbles up the gas.

Cool photomanip

Curiosity and cats, next on Geraldo.

NerdCon Cool


Oops, again

Oops, x3

"Keep lookin', it's in there somewhere..."

Could this cat be any creepier?

The minority vote is cast.

Baby Pix!



"We're on a road to nowhere..."

"Heh, heh, gon'hafta operate onya...jess' hol'still..."

Creative use of old bus

People You Don't Wanna Know

Lord Twinkie of the Nintendo Clan

Get this man some soap and a lobotomy!

"Uncle Harry, no one wants to see your trick again..."

Um, yeah.

Pretty soon, though, the band felt a change in the line-up was necessary. They just didn't see eye-to-eye.

" Some whaaaaaarrrrrrr, over the rainy-bow..."

"...blue birdies flyyyyyyyy"

Never give up

Now, THAT'S a big dog.

The pimp answer to airbags

The Eternal Struggle For Dominance

Queer Eye for the Drive-By

...and matching car!

Don't forget where you parked!

And so we come to the end of another Friday Pix. All of us here at DarkGod Studios wish you a happy and safe Father's Day weekend, send our best wishes to you and yours, and laugh heartily and at length at the morons of the world who take themselves and their causes too damn seriously. Have fun, cool off, and check your Tart'n'Tinys before you eat them.

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