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Sick But Happy

So, spent the whole weekend moving, shifting, packing, unpacking, cleaning, and generally restoring my apartment to some semblance of order. Goddess, am I glad to have a room of my own again...now i just need a bed, but that's coming at the end of August.

End of August...man, that's gonna be a bitchkitty. Heidi leaves beginning of September, so I can opnly hope that things go OK and smoothly, but I rambled on enough about that last post.

Plus, i'm supposed to go see my family at the end of the first week of September (7-10). THAT is gonna be an interesting one, too, since my falimy and me...well...we don't see eye-to-eye on things, would be the mild way of putting it. We aren't openly aggresive about it, but Mom is very passive-aggresive, and the rest of the family follows suit. PLus, we are just on opposite poles, and we have very little to talk about, or anything. I can only be thankfuil that I am only gone for a couple days (4 days total, but that includes flight time). And, if I am lucky, i might meet up with a couple friends while I am there, who knows? I'll just be VERY happy to be home, especially since at the time, Heidi's leaving is gonna be fresh, and the LAST people I want to deal with when I'm in a bad mod is my mom's side of the family.

Speaking of which, I need to get Dad to come out and see me, or something. I miss him.

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