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Been a weird week so far. Monday would have been bike riding with polarbear, but he had an appointment to give platelets in the morning, and it pretty much wiped him out. No worries, I had stuff to do around the house, anyway. Washed all my clothes, cleaned up, etc. Tried playing some CoH, but it appears it was "Asshole Awareness Day" on Justice Server; I've never dealt with so many low-class idiots in one day since I've been playing!

Eventually, Di and Erik come home, and before they do, Di tells me Erik will have a friend over (Ryan, the little runt with all the problems). What really floors me is that the friend isn't even in town yet. Seems he's still on his way down from Seattle. Me, I'm thinking this is a stupid thing, as they'll have no time to play by the time he gets here, but my opinion counts for very little in matters like this. What happened? He didn't make it here before Erik went to bed.

The kitten kept me awake a bit. Not sure why, but she's been getting more aggressive the last few days, especially when we get in bed. I'm starting to seriously wonder if there's something in our bedspread that fucks with her brain. Anyway, her actions meant waking up yesterday morning was less than desirable...which sucked, because it was a farm day.

So, off to the farm I go, kinda tired, and I get there to discover that we'll be doing me oh-so-favourite job: splitting wood. First though, Ray wants to bottle the mango wine that was just finished and start the Green Apple Riesling. Unfortunately, he hasn't washed/sterilized the bottles or soaked the corks, so that gets to wait until Friday. Started the apple, though, and that's gonna kick ass.

On to some yard work, trimming back the ivy, trimming up the honeysuckle, a little gardening, cleaning off the porch. All this, as far as I'm concerned is just making me dread the wood that much more. See, I don't actually mind the work involved in the wood splitting. Hell, it's really not that hard, honestly: chainsaw bucks a log into smaller chunks, haul them into the splitter and go. Problem is two-fold: one, the exhaust from the splitter is damn annoying, and two, I have to hunch over just enough to work with it that my back is killing me after a short time. Add that back pain to the normal wear-and-tear of lugging around heavy chunks of log, and you see why this is my least favourite thing to do up there. Today, though, it was twice as bad: we were splitting the remains of the old apple tree we took down not long ago. This has not had a chance to dry out, so the wood is green as it can be, and it's an apple tree, very twisty, branchy, and knotted. Thus, it doesn't split so mush as it sorta tears/mashes/mangles and is generally a huge pain in the ass to work with. Did about a half a cord of this stuff...I've never sworn at a bunch of wood so much in my life.

So, picked up Dianna from work, discovered that Erik's friend is coming over this night instead, grabbed all and got home. Evening was fairly slow, eventually headed to bed. Wasn't all that tired, so watched a movie, meanwhile, the kitten went into aggression mode again. Now, playful is one thing, and playful bordering on "attack everything" I expect from a small kitten, but this was something else, this was full-on, ears-flat-to-skull, claws-extended, angry-for-no-apparent-reason attacking. Dianna finally went to sleep, and I stayed up for a while, but it wasn't long after I turned out the lights that I had to put the cat out of the room and shut the door, it was just out of hand, and I knew she'd be after my hair before morning.

On top of that, woke up from an interesting dream, and tossed and turned until almost 8:30, trying to improve my mood. So, here I am, a little off, and the day has just started. I hate thinking "I need a drink" this early.

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