God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Workin' Out

I better enjoy tonight, it's one of the last slow times I'll have for a month. Between travelling and gaming, and zombiedip's photoshoots and other assorted obligations and engagements, July is fuckin' PACKED. Speaking of which, before I forget it: to maxomai and skeletoncrew - It seems I am a moron, and screwed up the dates I thought I was going to be out of town, however, I still am occupied the day of y'all's wedding, so my RSVP still stands, just for a different reason. I'm still sorry I cannot be there, but you have (as I hope you would already know) mine and Dianna's best and fondest wishes for all the health and happiness you could possibly handle, plus a little more. ;)

Spent all morning and a bit of the midday splitting wood, 2 frickin' truckloads of it, and damn, my back and shoulders are sore. I'm tellin' ya, when the wood is finally in for the year, I'm taking a week off from the farm. Between the back and shoulder pain of the farm and the knee pain of biking, I'm a wreck...but I'm not an unhappy wreck: as of today's weigh-in, I'm down to 278. Two hundred and seventy-eight pounds, as in 30 motherfucking pounds lost. I had to weigh myself three times before I was willing to believe it. Damn that feels good, and you betta believe I was a happy guy to see it. All the calorie counting and exercise is definitely paying off. I'm seeing the difference, and feeling it, too. Booyah!

Up tomorrow earlier than I would normally want, so that we can pick up Dianna's mom and hit the road. Dropping her off at her sister's in Tacoma for their trip to Maine, and then Di and I continue up to Seattle (hoping to stop in and see tsomewhereime on the way). Planning on hanging out with dravengodvamp and planning my next tattoo, as well as walking around Pike Place area for Di to take some photos, and if I'm lucky I may even see a friend or two. Back up there in two weeks for more of the same (picking up Di's mom, etc.).

Gonna go get some CoV time in, now, as I'll be away from it for two days. ;)

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