God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

OK, so, home at last (well, been home a bit, but just now posting).

Let's see, picked up Di's mom, drove to Tacoma, dropped her off, continued to Seattle. Stopped in at Doug and Kat's place then headed out to see kespernorth. Caught up on life with him (missed meeting his lady due to her being involved elsewhere...next time!), and joined him for lunch. Went down to Pike Street Market to take some photos, but it was too damn hot and infested with too many damn people. I did pick up a reproduction of a really cool old war propaganda poster, though. Came back and Doug got off early, so we hung out a bit. We're still planning the Egypt-themed sleeve tattoo, but he started working on restoring my chaos star ink. Did all the line-work and shading, pictures later. Pizza and a movie led to sleepy-time.

Got up, headed out, and stopped in to see tsomewhereime and Tom on the way home. Turns out they had a present for me: a foot-tall Pope John Paul II action figure. Man, too funny; thinking of setting it up to fight my foot-tall Lon Chaney/Phantom of the Opera figure. Anyway, hung out and got on the road. Stopped off in Kalama for a bit for munchies and an antique store Di wanted to hit, and finally home. Home. Home to our insane kitten...who apparently took our absence as a chance to party on my desk. Everything on my desk was strewn across the floor. *sigh*

Best quotes from the trip:
  • "Man, I'm tellin' you, there was spinach and butter everywhere!"
  • "Do you realize you just used 'collegiate' and 'goober' in the same sentence?"
Suppose I have to go to the grocery later. Yay fun. Right now, I'm hot, tired, and glad to be home with new ink. ;)

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