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What a day...and tomorrow still to come.

It all started last night. A good evening of CoH was brightened by chaosreality's arrival at my back door with a bottle of port. Well, come right in, stout yeoman! Allow me to get a glass or two, eh? Anyway, when Di and I finally went to bed, I recall we were talking about being tired, and I said something to the effect of being glad I didn't have to get up at 6:45. Di agreed. So, guess who's alarm went off at 6:45? Dianna's. Guess who was awakened, and couldn't get back to sleep? Me. *sigh* Oh well, so much for that.

A slow morning of just goofing off until we went out for errands. Left earlier than I thought we would, but figured we had stuff to do I wasn't aware of. Nope, we were just too early. Comic shop didn't open for an hour (though I did get the new seat post for my bike), and the place we opted to get lunch was the same. Didn't wanna go home just to come back out, so we stopped in a drug store to make fun of things. Yes, I have odd ways of passing the time. Added a new car to my Hot Wheels collection, got lunch, bought my comics.

OK, had time to kill before Dianna had a photoshoot. I opted not to get back into CoH, instead driving myself nuckin' futs with that damn video-posting-thing from earlier (Thanks again to Dmitri and Bianca!). Eventually gave up and headed to downtown Portland to meet up with Catriona, who was an absolute rockin' chica to work with/hang out with. Nifty lady, liked her a lot. Was NOT actually crazy about walking around Portland for 4 flippin' hours, but, hey, that's what I do when I'm Shemping for a shoot...rayce'll tell ya, I'm useful to have around for it. ;) Anyway, Dianna will post pix eventually, I'm sure, and they'll be well worth checking out.

Eventually got home, finished my comics (holy shit, if you aren't reading the "Annihilation" event, you are seriously missing out!), ate dinner, and generally lamented my hurting knees. Not hurting as much as 30 pounds ago, I can tell ya that! had to make one small run out of the house for a few things, but nothing too terrible.

Having Ray over for Sunday dinner tomorrow, since Rose is still in Canada. Yes, I'm cooking for my father- and sister-in-law, so I better not screw up. ;)

Out of context quotes for the day:
  • "He got community service, and had to paint over all his vaginas."
  • "No, no, I could slut out to ABBA, I just can't write about sluts while listening to ABBA."
  • "You're a lubricant sucker, baby."

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