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Sunday, 9:30 am, about an hour before I need to start making dinner for the family, phone rings, and I'm informed two more are showing up. I haven't planned for this, I don't have silverware for this, and since I'm already cooking more than I normally would, I'm more than a tad miffed. I send Dianna to the store for some things, and I drop what I'm doing to get cracking, since the house has to be cleaned, etc. In the middle of all this, Di calls and has Erik dropped off here (instead of going to pick him up) in order to have more time to help, as well as saying Erik can help out, too...somehow, this doesn't translate to "bring him now", and he's not brought for another hour. So, I'm twice as pissed off. Then, we get another call...those two AREN'T showing up. of course, I've now already planned for them, so I either get to re-plan again or suck it up. Obviously, there's STILL food in my fridge.

On a side note, dinner went great.

Ended up out in the pool for a good chunk of the afternoon, much longer than I intended. This resulted in the top half of me turning a rather unhealthy shade of pink, which means I'm in pain and itchy and basically uncomfortable. Even my scalp hurts. And, on top of that, I know better than to do this with fresh ink, dammit. Oh well, just one more thing to heal, huh? Splitting wood tomorrow is gonna be a fuckin' riot. All the sun made my mood irritable. Bah.

Dianna had some weird headache/dizzy spell episode, and passed out early. Head hurts today, too. Hope it's nothing serious. Talked to dravengodvamp today, who says he'll be coming back down this way for a while (maybe permanently), which is cool, though he sure can't work on me while I'm sunburnt. Probably just pick him up when we go up to get whiny_general late this week.

Didn't make my bike ride this morning. Spent the day divided between doing laundry and playing CoH (where I had to deal with an obnoxious 12-year-old. Luckily, that "kick from team" button is very accessible). Did some serious planning for the Thursday night game, which I hope isn't wasted. I suppose I could save it and try to start a second game night, more serious, but this place is a black hole of gaming interest, it seems.

Life's not a big puddle of suck or anything, but it sure could use an injection of something.

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