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Regarding Raymond

Since Ray's in the hospital, it doesn't make much sense for me to go out to the farm, seeing as he's not there and thus there's not much to need doing. Instead, I'm taking my farm days and going to see him in the hospital, of which today was the first. Now, Rose sees him some every day, of course, and Dianna is going up on her lunch breaks the days I don't, so my only doing a couple days a week isn't so bad.

Did the first of those today. Things went fine, he only broke down crying once, and that was only for a minute. Honestly, I don't think he's in control of that, or that it's really sadness, not completely, I think it's just brain firing. Literally, we were talking, just fine and dandy, even a little laughter here and there, and it just sorta appeared, and was fine shortly thereafter. Sure, some of it is legit, but some of it, I really think, it out of the blue.

Anyway, hung out for a while, just talked and whatnot. Trimmed his beard up, since it was looking a little scruffy, and ended up feeding him breakfast. Only once while I was there did he completely zone out; he had me massage one of his feet, as it was getting cold, and I was asking if that was feeling better, etc., and he would just stare and finally say "yeah," but you got the impression he wasn't all there. After three in a row like that, I just stopped asking for a while. Still, a few minutes later, he animated again, saying I should look into massage as a career. I told him if that meant running my hands over the bodies of young, hot females, then yes, but if it meant massaging bed-ridden old men, no thanks, which made him laugh.

If things go well, he'll be moved to rehab therapy soon, and he'll get all kinds of attention while they try to get him walking again, though his doctor told him this morning that there was a chance he might never walk. Guess we just have to wait and see what's what.

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