God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Long Day With Happy Ending

Yesterday: wake up, get Dianna to call her mom, so we can find out the schedule for the day. Yeah, it all started there.

She gets off the phone and informs me that I'm going to be on the grill. Well, OK, I guess. Get dressed, go pick up Erik, head to the farm. Yes, I'm manning the grill for dinner with the family, steaks, fish (salmon and tilapia), and grilling some squash, too. Doing all this in 90 degree weather, too. Food came out excellent, though, so that's cool. Find out I need to try and fix a stereo that has jammed a CD. Well, that has to go home with me, I don't have my star drivers. Rose did get me a present, a pepper mill I'd seen while we were out getting a radio for Ray and had expressed an interest in...she's so cool, remembers little things like that.

OK, so, finally leave there, and head home. I know we have friends coming over for dinner, and the house is a wreck, so it's now "whirlwind cleaning" time. I send Di to the store to get a few things for dinner and Erik and I get crackin'. Cleaned the fuck out of the place, and did it pretty quick, too. With a little time left, figured I'd get a little game time in.

Finally get to starting dinner, and discover that I was wrong, there are more things I need. By this point, I'm not sure I'm going to have dinner ready in time, and that pisses me off, it's my own damn fault. Now, I'm getting bitchy and twitchy, and just as I'm about to start cooking (lots of prep on the food), the doorbell rings. Great, they're here and I've not even started. Thankfully, it doesn't take long. in the end, I downed a large rum'n'Coke and calmed down, and dinner went well. Good company, good wine, good food, good times. Made plans to see them next Friday to do some photography ideas with a box full of gold leaf that was found. Damn glad it was all over, though, as I was about half out of it. A few minutes hanging out with chaosreality, and I was ready to hang it up for the night.

After all that, I get an e-mail. I had offered Dianna's services as a notary public to someone, and never heard back, and they mailed me, asking if that was still an option. I got on the phone, we worked out details, and gave them the address. I was watching old Doctor Who episodes when they arrived...and that was the start of a great moment. To make a long story short, that and many other things around the house got commented on, back and forth, and by the time they left, what started as a random favour to a random person turned into the beginnings of what could be good friends. A fun pair, and glad to have met them. Hopefully getting together in the near future for some movies and booze, and might even bring them into gaming...

Needless to say, it was a wonderful moment to end the night on. Oh, and yes, I fixed the stereo.

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