God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

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Well, going back to bed didn't help. Couldn't sleep.

Ended up reading some stuff I hadn't read in a while. Cleaned up in back a little. Burned a few things. Put a couple things away. These things needed doing. Tried going back to sleep.

No good.

Came out to find the house considerably more empty...good. Watched Red Shoe Diaries. Powerful movie..too bad there are so many horrible crappy travesties that they call sequels. Talked to Steph for a little while about things bothering me (thank you for caring, Steph, that means a lot).

Gonna try again in a few minutes....but first...

Memories. Memories of the lost, the fallen, the true.

Memories of the one that I could not save...the one I did not understand...the one that fueled a drive in me for the rest of my life that she could not understand. Memories that I thought were finally subsiding, but that I knew, deep down, were only waiting, waiting to surface like the creatures of the depths that they are.

Alison. I miss you, even today. I still have the letter memorized. And I know you are happier now...and I'm happy for you. Be well...and fly free, my angel.

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