God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
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Family Responsibilities

Spent a chunk of Sunday looking at trailers and fifth wheels. See, it looks like we ARE going to be moving out to the farm, and PDQ, too, as in within the next 3-4 months. Ray will be home in about 5 weeks, give or take, and it's just going to take someone being out there to help out around the place. Now, they're talking about actually paying me, which is nice but not necessary, but that's still a lot of extra gas and car usage. Since it was going to happen anyway, eventually, we're just gonna do it (and they want us to do it). So, time to look at logistics.

Basically, we have two options. First is that we get said trailer/fifth wheel/whatever, put it on the property, hook it up to sewage/power/water, and that becomes our area, semi-attached to the house (glorified bedroom). Second is that we take the glassed-in room at the end of the porch, finish it off, make THAT into a bedroom. Each side has advantages, honestly. The room in the house will feel better, but offer less privacy. The trailer would be a little cramped, maybe, but would offer an area of complete retreat, even to the point of having bathroom/kitchen facilities. Frankly, against my initial thoughts, I'm leaning towards the trailer...but I'm betting that we'll end up in the house. In the end, it'll all be about the same, I suppose.

The real downside, for me, is that I really have come to enjoy having "my time" to myself, during the day...and that's exactly the time I'm gonna lose, here. Maybe not completely, but significantly. Add to that the fact that most of my stuff will have to be stored, and I'll be living in a home and area that just doesn't feel like my home, you know? Not my stuff around, not my decorations on the walls, etc. That's tough, like being permanently in someone else's home. Again, a minor thing, but significant nevertheless. The other major downside is losing what little social interaction I'd gathered. I'm moving even further away from the few friends I see, changes will have to be made to make the game continue to happen, losing my bike riding, etc. My time for my computer will be slashed, and the Net connection out there isn't as fast as I have now, due to distance. All this will affect my life.

I'm not going to lie about this: I'm not exactly looking forward to it. I'm doing it, and I'm not angry or upset by it. I know that I am really the only one who CAN do it, due to my situation, and that my help (and, straight up, sacrifice) is very appreciated. besides, it's family, and that's what you do, you take care of each other and you do what you can. Still, I'm sure not sitting around thinking "oh, what fun this will be!" Whattayagon'do, eh?

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