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So, last night, before going to sleep, Dianna and I talked more about the impending doom move, how we felt about it, what thoughts were involved, etc. Somewhere in the middle of this, we came up with a new idea, one that no one had brought up before, and the more we talked about it, the better it sounded, both for financial reasons and for reasons of sanity. She talked to Rose this morning, and Rose agreed as well, so it looks like we're on a new track.

The original plans were either to finish off the glass room as a bedroom and move us into the house, or to buy a trailer/fifth-wheel/RV and use that as a bedroom. Well, the glass room idea has been quickly dwindling, due to it being a lack of privacy/personal area for us, and for the fact that, logistically, it would become pretty much impossible to move furniture into it once it was done (due to layout of the house, etc.). The trailer idea, honestly, I didn't much like. Living in a trailer is not what I would have ever wanted for myself, even if it was just a bedroom and I had the house; I still don't have much of my own space. On top of that, there's the costs of running sewage/water/power hookups to it, and heating costs, and no direct connection to the house (so, if it's raining, say, you gotta walk through the rain to come in or out). On top of all this, all Rose can get right now, loan-wise, is 7 to 8 thousand. As Di and I are in the middle of this debt consolidation thing, we can't have any other debts, and the other party who had offered to help in this arena in the past has apparently welshed on that offer, so it put the buying on her, and at best that might get us a smaller used trailer. Yeah, this was getting better and better, huh?

So, the new plan is this. We'll start looking for a place to move, as close to the farm as we can find in the Battleground/Brush Prairie/Hockinson area (I realize those names means nothing to you, but they're all small towns right around the farm). Because they are smaller, out of the way areas (compared to where we are), the rent should be lower than here. Rose will, instead of buying the trailer, look into getting me a car, and getting us the deposit on the new place (we have no savings, at the moment). This way, we won't be living on the property, but we're only minutes away and I have transport of my own, so I can get to and from the farm easily, every day, to be there with Ray, and I can also go home, to my own home, my own space. Anything that needs doing at the farm, if I'm not there, I'm a phone call and five minutes away.

With this plan, we're still close, but the sanity issues of living there are assuaged. A lot less rearranging of the house, and no invasion of their space. It's less money for Rose to come up with, and though we're paying rent (which we wouldn't have, there), we'll probably pay less. We won't have the wear-and-tear on the car that we would with my driving back and forth, and it'll actually be a little less gas usage for Di, I think...comparable, at least. Plus, I'll have a car again, and it turns out that with two cars and the renter's insurance that we already have anyway, our insurance payments don't go up much.

It still means moving out in the middle of nowhere, away from the friends I have here, and that's a downside, but that was going to happen no matter what the sitch. Guess I'll see who my true friends are, huh?

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