God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Back, obviously. Not a bad time, other than the things that always annoy me that I try not to talk about. let's see:
  • moved the bedroom around to better accommodate Ray's situation
  • gathered all the trash/recycling and got it ready for pick-up
  • handled the chickens (feeding them/collecting eggs)
  • attempted repair of a dust-buster, ending in the realization that I am not a small-appliance repairman
  • removal of shower doors (which wasn't hard, just tedious, scraping off a LOT of caulk)
  • started a new batch of wine
  • stored Rose's snow tires
  • gathered the things to transfer Rose's vacation videos to tape
  • reinstalled a towelbar-thingy
...and I think that's it. Plenty of stuff to do. Next weekend, will tend to the garden and put the summer items from the patio into storage.

As we speak, dravengodvamp is packing his things, preparing for the trip to Texas. As always, hate to see him go, but you gotta go where the money is, and the Northwest is just not good to him, it seems. I know he'll be back.

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