God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Weird Dreams

At one point, I had driven out to the farm, but it wasn't the one I know, it was much farther out in the middle of nowhere, and it was more filled with rusting junk and abandoned out-buildings. I knew I had to go to some place to meet up with some person, so I started walking, avoiding some people driving by. I was carrying a snake around my shoulders, fairly good-sized one. Eventually, it dawned on me that I had driven to the farm, and if I kept walking/took the bus/whatever, when I got where I was going, I'd not have my car. By this time, I was in the city, and I still had the snake, but was also carrying my cat, and a pair of shoes behind my back, and one other single shoe. Not easy, lemme tell ya. Someone stopped me and asked if they could touch the snake, and though I told them it was harmless, it tried to bite them. I had to constantly readjust the snake, and doing this without losing the shoes or my cat was tough. At one point, I realized I'd lost the cat, and though there were many cats around, none of them were mine. I knew Di was going to be mad, but I couldn't find it. I wandered back.

Somehow, I was then in a car with some chick who reminds me of an evil version of my cousin. She was trying to get me to transfer some things form a box into a small cooler I had, which was half-full of ice and water. it was a practical joke, and apparently a mean one. As she drove, we got close to the farm, and I thought again about the missing cat. We pulled in to a place close to the farm, and hid the car around the building. I remarked that this is what the place looked like that they had encountered in the game the night before ( a gaming reference, apparently), and she didn;'t care. I got out of the car, reached in the back for the cooler which had been on my knees just a second ago, and there was the cat, on the headrest.

Figure that one out.

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