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Well, this is possibly one of the most useless articles and studies I've ever happened across. The article, Sex Or Sleep? Experts Weigh In, is just...just pointless. The whole things seems to be this "let's look at the pros and cons" thing, on the subject of the health benefits of going to sleep or staying up a while to get your funk on with your partner. Frankly, I don't see where the news is in this news article, but more than that, it has some of the biggest 'DUH"moments I've ever seen. Some examples:
  • "Research shows that getting enough sleep makes people feel more rested..."
  • "If your heart’s desire is carnal knowledge, know that lovemaking will...improve relationships"
  • “It depends,” one woman said. “If I was really tired, then [I'd choose] the sleep. If I need some, it would be the sex.”
All together now: DUH! What a waste of space and "reporting." I'm just SO glad we had a news service to tell us these things, 'cause, you know, there's nothing else going on in the world to talk about.

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