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Well, Isn't This Just The Fucking Cherry On my Sundae?

After a long and weird day, I decided to turn in a little early, to try and make up for the sleep I missed.

rayce and 01flux were on the computer, and caliban had gone out to get wayren and scurvykat and take them somewheres. Off to bed for me. I'm just about to knock off for the night, when my phone rings. It's scurvykat...?

caliban's in jail. Oh, fuck me...

Well, she didn't have much in the way of details. Luckily, caliban called me about 2am. Apparently, he'd had a taillight out, and gotten pulled over, at which point it was discovered that he had 3 warrants out on him, from various traffic things connected to his license, which he had thought he'd cleared up.

Well, one of those warrants is cash-only, so he cannot bail his way out of it. That's gonna run just over $1000. The other 2 he may be able to post bail on. Plus the car is impounded, so there's another good chunk o' hard coin. Either way, the next court date on the cash-only ticket is Thursday, so he's stuck there until then.

Now, this all REALLY sucks for him, no doubt. But pardon my selfishness for a moment. Not only do I not have a ride to work now, which means much earlier mornings and later evenings on the bus, but we get paid in 3 days. He won't be out to get his check...which means all of rent and all the bills are being paid by ME. I am gonna be completely broke...

...and that also means no Concrete Blonde show for me tomorrow night. Shitshitshitshitshitshitshit.

Well, for all I know, he may call at any moment and say that he managed to get hold of someone that can get him the cash pronto. But it still screws all this up. (*sigh*) I swear, I did something wrong to someone somewhere, and karma is kicking my ass. Just wish I knew what it was...

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