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Really wanted to sleep in this morning...I pulled it off yesterday, and felt great. Figured one more morning would help make up for being so tired lately. Sadly, the alpha ape and his loud-ass Mustang that he simply HAS to rev like a NASCAR junkie was parked below my window again, and he leaves at 5:30 am. Christ, I hate that asshole.

Finally getting back to my weekly game tonight. We haven't met for a month, and that sucks, but we're back on track tonight. That makes me happy. Had John over last night, as we played a well-coordinated and successful game of Arkham Horror. My professor may not have been much of a combatant at first, but a couple of good spells and one nifty skill, and suddenly he was taking out Shoggoths without so much as getting a hair of his well-groomed moustache out of place.

The hospital planned an outing for Ray tomorrow. Thankfully, I didn't have any plans, since that means I need to be there to load him in and out of the car. Hey, I get a free lunch out of it, I shouldn't complain. Sadly, it's RIGHT in the middle of when I was planning on getting some serious CoH time in, since I've kinda been ignoring it this week. Oh well, real life trumps the game.

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