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No, I haven't heard from Eric, but I took the day off hoping things work out somewhere. I want to say thanks to discordian, erotocism, and djeternaldarkne, who all offered to help me; it is all appreciated beyond belief. However, I have to extend a huge, deep, heartfelt Thank You from the bottom of my twisted soul to kespernorth, who decided Concrete Blonde sounded like fun, and is therefore gonna give me the much-needed ride to the show and helped me go ahead and get the tix. You kick so much ass, Bjorn...you have no idea what this means to me...or maybe you do! *G*...now to convince erotocism that she won't miss school the next day, and that she does wanna come to the show...

And, looking over finances, I think I'm gonna be able to swing this...gonna be close, but I think I can pull it off.

Oh, and I recently was introduced to Poe...man, whatta voice. Must get her albums in the near future.

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