God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

HPLFF, Day One

Well, day one of the film festival is down. Let's see, thoughts'n'things...
  • Very glad that there is now a good place to park at the Hollywood Theatre. Parking is such a pain, but thanks to the Broadway medical Centre, it's no longer an issue. They rock (parking-wise, dunno about their medical care)
  • Andrew has 13 features (plus discussion panels) scheduled this year. Problem is, there's only 8 slots to see things in, so there is no possible way to see everything. This bothers me.
  • Hooked up with brother_d73 and his buddies outside, which was nice, since we've not had the chance, previously.
  • Pre-ordered my tickets this year, and when I went in to pick them up, was told they needed to see the credit card they were purchased with (for ID). Problem is, Dianna has it, and no one ever warned anyone that this was going to be an issue. Thankfully, I'm known by important people there (i.e. Andrew and Sarah). And to the bossy bitch who smarted off to me before I was let in anyway? Fuck you.
  • This year's t-shirt design is fuckin' gorgeous. Pix eventually, I'm sure.
  • Met Lee Moyer, which was a fun little convo. Very nice guy. He got a kick out of the fact that some of his art may very well end up tattooed on me.
  • Watched Subject Two, which is sort of a modern Frankenstein-like story. Pretty good, well made (though the white-eye contacts were a bit distracting at times), nice ending.
  • Hung around outside for a bit, took the opportunity to call caliban and tell him what he was missing (had to call twice, his answering machine hung up on me, hope he wasn't getting laid and being distracted by his phone ringing...or, rather, hope he WAS getting laid and DIDN'T get distracted by the phone ringing)
  • Met back up with brother_d73 for Shorts Block 2: Heading Home was fun to watch, though a couple parts made me giggle; The Veil was excellent, good dream-time flick with nice effects; Lovecraft's Pillow was not played for laughs but was amusing nevertheless, but well done and interesting (sound should have been eased down, though), but fell into the "metal track at the end" flaw; Room For Error was obviously a great idea that failed, one of those flicks where you can tell the person had a cool idea in mind, but it just didn't translate well and too much is still missing (though the miniature model used for the town at the end was incredibly well done, or maybe it was only mediocre but the fog hid the bad parts), and damn, was the sound terrible;The Rats In The Walls has always been one of my favourite HPL tales, and this was a one-man show/monologue of it that impressed me partly because the performer memorized the whole damn story, and acted it as he went. Fun to watch.
I'm starting to think I should take my meds more often...like, you know, regularly...because I'm feeling these depressive moments crawl up on me more and more lately. Definitely doing it for the duration of the festival, as it sucks to be there and feel down. Well, sucks anywhere, but I have enough going on without something fucking with the film fest. Anyway, came home, curled up with Dianna, watched a non-horror flick, and fell asleep. Woke up, refused to get out of bed for a while (or let her get out, either). Finally, she left for a shoot, and I'm headed out for Day Two in a couple hours.

Be good!

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