God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

HPLFF, Day Three

Well, a good day to go out on.
  • Watched Dark Waters...sorta. Actually, passed out and slept through the first half or so, but picked up enough to figure out the story, and to figure out that it was really, really slow. nice visuals, but bad pacing.
  • Hooked up with the boys again, and talked a lot with Craig Mullins of Unfilmable.com...until they kicked us out
  • Ate some seriously tasty Chinese food, and managed to nickname Jason "Combo" (long story)
  • Headed back for more film shorts, and I'd love to tell you about them, but I don't have my paper here with the titles, suffice it to say, some great, some 'meh', but all fun
  • Snagged one of the last two festival shirts for caliban, who has pointedly NOT answered his phone all weekend, dammit...even got the artist to autograph the shirt
  • Settled in for X, The Man With X-Ray Eyes (hooray for Ray Milland!), which I haven't seen in years
  • And then, time fro secret screening! And what a time this year, got to catch the short Hail Mary, Kill, Kill!, and then suffered through both Unleash the Beast (newly colorized) AND Dreams in the Witch-House (with that fro'-wearing mongoloid, Elwood)...ah, good times, good times. Got many, many compliments and longing looks for my Elwood shirt, as usual
  • Got home about 1:30am, and didn't manage to get to sleep until almost three...then had to get up and get out here to the farm. Whee.
So, there ya have it, mostly, another ass-kickin' year at the HPLFF. Sure missed having caliban there, though. Also, there's a chance of another situation coming online shortly, and if it does, it will make me a happy guy, I do believe.Still, that's up in the air at the moment, so no speaking of it until anything is concrete.

Right now, I need food...and sleep, but that has to wait.

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