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Well, joy.

Yesterday, sore throat, crap draining and sticking down there, basically felt el yucko. Last night started the "ears stopping up" phase of the Crap Convention. After tossing and turning all night, constantly waking up to try and clear my ears, I decided to give up on sleep...and then saw it was only 2:30am.

So, here we are, 5 hours later, not any better. Up for a while, so starving, which is particularly annoying as we have nothing to munch on. Wait, my brain somehow remembers, last Sunday, Dianna brought back some left-over spaghetti. Great, I tell myself, opening the fridge again and finding...a small bowl with about three bites of said pasta, and half-a-dozen meatballs. Gee, thanks. Nuke it anyway, pull it out, dump cheese all over it, think to self "this is awfully pungent cheese," discover that I am, in fact dumping garlic powder all over it, sigh, eat it anyway. Good thing I like garlic, huh? Wow, no danger of vampire attack today, fer sher.

So, still feel like hammered ass...and all this on a day when I have to load up Ray and drive him to not one but TWO doctor's appointments, so no chance of just passing out on the couch or at least being comfortable.

Oh, joy of joys. Yes, step right up, folks, see the happy guy.

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