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(*big fuckin' smile*)

I have to add this today...After the hell i went through yesterday, Heidi decided I needed a mood lifter (like she isn't enough of one), so she went and made me brownies. Even though she's doing the no-carb thing, and cannot have them, she made me a whole pan of brownies (for those not in the know, there are a coule things that you canmake me and I will happily be your slave - brownies top that list. Hey, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?)

Is it any wonder I'm crazy about her?

It's not just that she makes me dinner and breakfast and brownies and things. It's the way she makes me feel. It's the way she looks at me and smiles. It's the way she takes my inane bullshit and returns it, or smacks me back down if I deserve it. It's the way she has of NOT making me feel like an idiot if I do something stupid or foolish or just embarrassing (like snoring, or falling asleep during a movie, or burning her bacon, or whatnot). It's the energy I feel in her kiss. It's the way she cuddles her head against my chest when we fall asleep, right after whispering a goodnight into my ear. It's the smell of her hair when we've just taken a shower. It's the little sigh of contentment I hear as she hugs me (and the way she giggles over hearing the same from me, like it's just the coolest thing in the world). It's the way I feel like I am falling into her eyes. It's the way she insists on being her own person. It's the way she slips her hand or arm into mine as we walk, without my even asking for it. It's the way she leans over for a kiss or hug as soon as we are alone in the room (she's not a fan of public PDA). It's the way my heart is racing, just thinking these things.

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