God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

OK, so, normal morning routine: Di wakes me at 7, I relax a bit until alarm goes off at 7:30, get up, get dressed/ready, out the door by 8 to be at there farm by 8:30.

Today's morning: Di wakes me at 7, I relax a bit until the phone rings at 7:15. Di informs me that Erik left his homework at the house, can I drop it off at her office on the way to the farm. The office, however, is nowhere near being on my way to the farm. I get up, start to get ready early. Phone rings again, plans have changed to my meeting Jane somewhere to hand off the homework...dunno where yet, though. Discover that my electric toothbrush needs to be recharged. Phone rings again, plans have changed again, now Di is going to meet me along the way to get the aforementioned homework from me. Head out the door by 7:35, not really awake. Head out, get delayed by two cars in a wreck and a firetruck who has recently extinguished them. Meet up, hand off homework (and the jacket that was also forgotten), and drive on, get to the farm by 8:10. Whee.


I'm still sore, from behind my ear to clear down my arm. Not sure why. Have to load up Ray for a doctor's appointment which isn't until late this afternoon, which means it'll be even later 'til I get back here, unload him, and get home. Long day, very long day. Have wine to rack off, too, come to think of it.

Just finished reading The Devil Wears Prada which, surprisingly, I enjoyed. Not an amazing book, but a fairly well-written one. No shocking surprises, ended about how I expected (with a couple small exceptions). Anyway, better than a lot of the crap that comes out these days. Also just finished The American Book of the Dead again, for the umpteenth time. Overly Buddhist, but a fun book. Still reading Lucille's Car Care and slowly working through the "Civil War" comic-book crossover (comics been on hold for now, due to finances). Also still slowly working my way through watching the TV-miniseries of Dune again. Gotta find a way to get the 2-DVD set of Dune which has both the original cut and the longer "TV" cut (gotta import it, somehow). divinemissb is going to let me start borrowing her tapes of Babylon 5 (which I've never watched, short of two or three random episodes).

CoH going pretty well. Won't bore you with details, other than to say that things are a hundred times better when you have good road-dogs. Especially when you become good friends with them, beyond the game. Oh, by the way, cobie? Thanks for thinking of me, that made me smile.

Well, I've spent too long here, got things to do.

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