God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Rollercoaster...of Love....

It's days like yesterday that make me wonder if I really should be on daily meds, instead of situational. Still, it doesn't happen often, so I'm still leery of making anything permanent.

Anyway, let's just say that yesterday seemed to be one of those "one thing after another" days, to the point where I was just one step over the line of coping. Being Halloween and expecting the usual dismal turnout of kids just made it worse. Assholes in SUVs didn't help. Etc., etc., you know the drill. However, a few things helped make the night end well.

- First, we actually had seven kids at the door...seven! Thar's more than the last four years combined! Still a dismal number, but a damn huge improvement. Only one annoyed me, this chick comes to the door, looks too old for this but dressed up and happy, so I liked that. With her, some fat, mop-haired moron...playing a PSP. When you can't put down your videogames long enough to go trick-or-treating with your girl, you have a severe problem.
- Ran to the store, and the cashier was one of the managers, a thin old lady who I've seen before. She was done up as a witch, and since she's already old and wrinkled, the green and grey make-up and outfit was perfect. She rang up my purchase (Reese's cups, Hawaiian bread, and spinach-veggie dip, if you must know), and asked if I'd like to round up to the next dollar for breast cancer. Before I could stop my mouth, I responded, "Sure, absolutely, I love tits!" Luckily, after doing a double take, she laughed and said it was the most honest response she'd heard.
- Enjoyed a bottle of port. That always helps. ;)
- Most importantly, my wonderful, beautiful, and exceptional wife Dianna. She just knows how to make me smile, and how to help. She's done a lot of "just sit there and let him vent" lately, and I appreciate that, and sitting through Fulci's Zombie was a nice touch. Add in an incredible night of torrid sex, and the fact that I woke up to discover she'd scraped the ice off my windshield this morning...well, I just know I'm the luckiest sumbitch there is.

Anyway, lots of stuff to do today. Happy days to ya all.

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