God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Why, Why Can't I Get A Break?

So, let me tell you about my day. Oh, yeah, this is a good one.

Right, woke up after fucked up dreams, with the afore-posted attitude of just wanting to skip today. Man, wish I could have. Anyway, after a quick shower and some...fun...off we go. Drive out, get Erik. Erik's in a weird mood, very quiet, not saying much, even when directly asked a question. Get to the farm, and pretty much immediately get put to work, getting Ray in and out of the shower and dressed. Scarf down lunch (sausage biscuits and gravy, delicious as anything but hell on my system) and then bottle the wildberry Shiraz. Dianna tried to help, but I ended up doing it myself. She's been feeling bad all weekend, y'see; she went home early from work Friday, which is very unusual for her. The raging headache hasn't gone away all weekend. Eventually, I sit down to rest, and immediately get back up, since we're leaving.

Come home, Dianna goes upstairs to relax in the tub, Erik goes up to do whatever, I try to get some CoH in. I finally get into a good run, and Dianna's come downstairs and curled up in a chair. Next thing I know, she's calling in to work saying she's not going in tomorrow, calling Jane to come pick up Erik, and telling me I need to take her to the doctor. We wait and wait, and Jane calls to say they are close by, but the belt has come off their engine, and can we just bring Erik to them. Load up the car, and off we go. Even though the hospital is just up the road, and Jane is between us and the hospital, we have to take a long, winding way around, because there's a small bridge out between us and them.

OK, drive three times as far as we normally would have to, drop off Erik, and head to ER. Get in there, thankfully it's a slow Sunday night, and we get right in. We're eventually in a room, and they are checking vitals, etc. Her head is feeling like it's gonna explode, she's got a fever, her heart rate is up, and she's having trouble moving her neck. Doc started to check things, narrowing possibilities. Eventually, he authorizes a spinal tap, trying to make sure it's not some form of meningitis. They dope her up, pain goes away, they give her some anti-biotics, headache comes back, they take her for a CT scan, headache returns fully, they give her some other painkillers, headache gets better, they give her the spinal tap, pain gets worse, they leave her alone, pain gets better. In the end, after three hours of sitting around, wandering around, etc., they do let us know her spinal fluid is fine, and all the work seems to show a combination of sinusitis and a viral syndrome.

Yep, in the end, it's treated with Afrin nasal spray and Sudafed. By this time, of course, it's a quarter until 9, and I haven't eaten since noon. In that time, all Hell has broken loose. My back is in absolutely amazing amounts of pain. My stress level is just crazy. corachaos, you don't know how right you were when you said I needed a vacation.

Oh, let, me add to all this. I got my paycheck Friday, but when we went to cash it Saturday, every fucking bank is closed for Veteran's Day. Sadly, that cash was going to be groceries, so there's not much in the house to eat. Tomorrow, I get to wake up, get to the farm, and get going immediately. Got no time to ease into the day; Ray's got Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and a doctor's appointment, all in a row.


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