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Karma's a Bitch

So, after sleeping in a bit this morning, I'm checking my e-mail, surfing a bit, before I get going on my day. Out my window, there's Jerkface McMustang, wandering around and looking annoyed. I roll my eyes and ignore it, until I see him coming to my door. Christ, what does he fucking want? I think to myself. I open the door, and he wonders if I saw anyone around his girlfriend's car. Seems they found it like I see it now: door open, stereo stolen, other things in the car stolen. Lucky for me, I hadn't seen a thing. Nope, can't help ya.

I hate to be so full of Schadenfreude, but damn it was nice to see. Especially since there's a good chance it was directed at them specifically, since my car is just three cars down, and just another car over is a car with a laptop sitting in it, and one more over from that, a lot of expensive tools. Plenty of things that COULD have been fucked with, but they chose her stereo. Hey, maybe it was random, but maybe not, eh? On the other hand, his front left tire is flat, AGAIN. Who knows.

Interesting epilogue: they get in the car and leave, a bit later. Not long after, I see chaosreality pull up, and I step out to talk to him. Few minutes later, a cop pulls up, obviously cruising, and about the time he looks like he's found what he's looking for (or he's fascinated by my bumper stickers, which is a definite possibility), we talk to him. Nope, he's here about the call...and they've left. Yes, they called the cops about the break-in, and then left. Go figure. Took the opportunity to talk to him about the bike-riding fucktard across the street, though, so that's cool too.

Yes, the morning isn't starting out too bad.

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