God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Just got back form seeing Dianna, and things seem to be going well. If nothing bad happens tonight, they should be discharging her tomorrow. guess this means it's the last night I have of being able to stretch out on the whole bed, huh?

Sure has been nice driving her car, this last day or two. Mostly, this is because of the radio. See, in my ugly, ancient little beast, the radio works...fora while...and then forgets how to tune into any station. Sometimes, it remembers, but it tunes into a different station than the one you have it on, sometimes not. The tape player works...but only on the right-side speakers. meanwhile, in the beautiful, brand-new Scion, we have a CD/MP3 player with great bass response. Cruising down the road with AC/DC was wonderful, and coming back with Busta Rhymes thumping out of the speakers was fabulous.

Of course, now, all I really wanna do is crank up the stereo in the house, have a bunch of people over, and drink/party/whatever. Sadly, the only people close enough to join me are either asleep or occupied, probably. Ah well, just as well.

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