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Glimpse In My Head

See, most of you, when you, say, go to the store and look through the DVDs, you find movies that you think, "Oh, hey, I loved this in the theatre, I'd like to see it again, ____ ____ is one of my favourite actors, and the effects were so good!" So, you buy whatever "special edition" or "collector's edition" they have, and add it to those movies you bought, watched once or twice, and now gather dust.

Here's what I bought today:On a side note, am I the only one tired of the term "collector's edition"? As if they are putting out two versions, one that only a "collector" would want and another for everyone else...or one is so limited only a collector would pay the extra price for it...when the fact is that they aren't worth anymore than any other, and most of the time there's not even any different version. It'as just one more little scam that was once used to suck consumers in, and now is so established that it's done out of habit. Just like referring to figurines and whatnot as "collectibles"; of course they are collectible, if you buy more than one of anything, you are collecting them, thus those thing are able to be collected, thus, collectible. Marketing, bah.

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