God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Mr Hoyer Goes To Washington

Interesting. The new Congress is going to extend it's work week. Did you know they were only working in the building 2 days a week, or just how much time they got off? When this latest Congress calls it a year, they'll have only been there 103 days. Normally, they work form Tuesday afternoon to Thursday afternoon. Not so surprising they they didn't seem to get anything done, huh?

Anyway, it'll now be Monday afternoon to Friday afternoon. As expected, there's already been a couple of Republican whiners, including one that claims that the schedule takes away form time with the family, thus showing that Democrats don't care about family values. The RNC should step on that guy, pointing out that he's not good for the movement.

Yes, yes, sometimes when they aren't in session, they're working in their constituency. There's also the six weekdays to around Memorial Day (when most of us get a single day off), the month-long August recess, the two-week April recess or the weeks off in February, March and July.

*thanks to avantard for the link*

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