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Plastic Lovecraftian Goodness

So, a package arrived today, one I've been waiting for. This was from air_n_darkness, and had some serious happiness in it. The "Arkham Horror" game expansion, "Dunwich Horror," all three "Nightmares of Lovecraft" figures from SOTA Toys, and a Baron Harkonnen figure to boot.

OK, first off, a quick review of "Dunwich Horror" (quick, because most of you don't know about it, or don't care about it). Short version: holy fuck. The things added to the basic game are a mix of 2 parts badass and 3,000 parts bad mojo. The game just got insanely harder and more intense. The chances of winning have been significantly decreased. I can't fucking WAIT to play.

OK, on to the figures. The one of the Baron looks pretty damn good, unsurprising, really. The company does great work.

From front

Close on face

As usual, nice detailing and colour. The pic doesn't really do it full justice.

The prize, though, are the "Nightmares of Lovecraft" figures. Let's face it, there's a lot of Lovecraftian art out there, and anyone who feels they can do "dark" art has taken a stab at it. Some have done very creepy, wonderful depictions of these ancient gods, others have been...well, mediocre at best. Thus, any HPL-related art makes me pause and brace for impact. These guys, they delivered the horror in spades.


From slightly above

From head-on

Shoulders and wrists are articulated, as are the wing roots. Nice touch, the six tentacles around the top of the head are wire-skeletal, allowing any positioning. I may change one or two later and put a little man in them. ;) Each foot is an eight-tentacled star, making for a look I haven't seen previously. Absolutely eldritch.


From slightly above

From below and to the side

Dagon was hard to get a pic of to really show him off, due to his twisty, chaotic pose, but that's part of what makes him look so fabulous. Again, spectacular detail and colour. The four torso arms are articulated at the shoulder mount, and the head is on a ball-and-socket as well. Disgustingly squamous.


From slightly above

Right foot detail

Beautiful and gory, the ghoul shows him at a size that is rarely considered, usually. It's generally depicted as man-sized, but not this monster. Took that line about "in it's hands it held what was once a man" literally, I guess. The base, too, is downright disgusting, and every detail you see makes it worse. The one man trod underfoot is a nice touch. Delightfully hideous.

Now air_n_darkness, I have a new one for you to watch out for. I'm-a need these, for sure!
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