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Friday Pix - Year-End Edition

Yep, year's coming to a close, so there's just enough time for one last Friday Pix before 2007.



I still think the Vanilla Ice one is funnier.

Fear Factor, Feline Week!

Concentrate, a Jedi can feel the force flowing through him. Stretch out with your feelings...

You're HOW old?

I'm not paying THAT much for tickets, no way!

Yes, after that party, I forgot where I parked my bike. Never did find it, that was YEARS ago...

"Well, Brother Jebediah, I do believe Brother Ezekial's catapult idea is gonna need some work."

Gramma was a big fan of the original Trilogy.

Geek history.

"That's it, next time The Kid kicks a goal, I'm NOT blocking it."

Is it safe to come out?

Yes, but is it street legal?

On the other hand, they don't exactly enforce the law around here.


Suddenly, I want to watch C.H.U.D.

"Psst, Bob, 'about face' means 'turn around.'"

"Handyman Service, ma'am, you said you had a leak? Show me to your plumbing, and we'll...uh...oh, boy."

The reaction

The reason for the reaction

This is too adorable to screw up with a goofy caption

You're living in your own private Idaho island...

"No, sir, seriously, they've got the best sniper I've ever seen. Look at Johnson's weapon!"

Well, Hell.

Reservoir Cats

And that brings us to the end of this edition of the Friday Pix, and damn near to the end of the year. Hope it was all you wanted, and that next year is even more so. Ciao!

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