God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
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Because I'm Sick Of Hearing About It

I've seen so many links to this Limp Bizkit story in the last week, I finally HAVE to rant about it. I'm not a big LB fan, they have a couple good songs, IMHO, but this isn't about them.

Wake up, children. This is a litigious society we live in, and he who has the fastest and most convoluted lawyers wins. This is merely an offshoot of the Golden Rule: He Who Has The Gold Makes The Rules.

This is a huge band, and they don't have to fuck around, and won't. Of course you only have a minute to play...did you not see how many people showed up? Between each playing, and moving in, moving out, etc., etc., time passes. Besides, within one minute, they will be able to tell if you are good enough to stand out.

Now about this copywritten thing. First off, why would you want to play something you wrote and were proud of in front of already popular musicians? I wouldn't wanna take the risk. Them telling you not to use anything copywritten is to cover YOUR ass and theirs. And, since you are just gonna jam a little, why do you CARE if they use it? Yeesh, do you honestly think there is some world-shattering riff that you are gonna come up with that is SO original no one has thought of it?

On to the conditions. If the amp sucked, well, I can understand that...you'd think the Guitar Center store would do better. But again, you don't know whjat is going on...maybe some asshole earlier screwed it up. Obviously, it's not TOO bad, or the guy listening to you would have changed it.

Oh, and now you have to wait around. Bummer, wah, wah, wah. Again, think about it...this many people, if they had to take the time to call you back, wait for you to show up, wonder what was going on if you didn't show, etc...christ, whatta freakshow. You already took the day off to be here, quit your bitching.

This brings us to the shutdown of the proceedings. No one seems to know why this happened. So why turn around and blame the band, and the shop? No fucking CLUE what happened...yes, it sucks. Yes, you're not happy about it. But now you just look like an asshole. Especially when you riot in response. Ooh, yeah, I'm SURE the band wants you now. And let's show that idiocy to OTHER states as well, calling ahead of the roadshow and bitching about them. You know, it's AWFULLY funny that this kind of story hasn't happened anywhere else...what do they call that? An Isolated Incident.

All sorts of "this band is playing tonight at this place, and they'd like me to announce to Fred Durst that if you're still in the area and you come to this venue, you will be able to see what a REAL band is like -- right before the real band beats your skull in." Give me a fucking break. If you're such a 'real' band, why are you still playing local bars? Oh, and you're gonna beat his skull in, are you? Real mature, way to go. Show the world that you are a posing dumbfuck.

Welcome to the Real World, kiddies. You got 2 choices, you can either "pay it forward", or you can "kill your parents, screw your friends, and be prepared to have it done to you". Until you do, SHUT THE HELL UP.

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