God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Well, after a whirlwind of cleaning and rearranging yesterday, the day closed out with some good CoH runs. My sexy little Earth Controller kicks ass.

No appointments today, which was nice. Arrived at the farm to find Rooster here, which is NOT nice. Let me tell you about Rooster...

Rooster is pushing 60. I don't know where he and Ray became friends, but Ray appears to be one of the only people on the planet who can put up with him. Rooster doesn't really work, and when he does it tends to be odd jobs. He has no insurance, and I think he might live out of his car. He claims to have a landlady, but he's never at any location, doesn't make enough cash to pay rent, and always smells like he hasn't had a shower in a month.

I've NEVER seen him without a beer in his hand...seriously, never. He'll show up here at 8:30 in the morning, and he's already into the beer. He shows up and sits around, mostly watching TV and drinking up the beer in the house. He's one of those that doesn't seem to know when his welcome is worn out. He takes advantage of the fact that Ray's the only one here (Rose doesn't like him, and he knows it) and all Ray is doing is watching TV. Hell, when I was coming up here and working the property with Ray, he'd show up, stand around, and watch us work, all the while, drinking the beer.

He's a lazy bum, in my opinion. His reason for why his life is screwed up, well, it's not his fault. He's a 'Nam vet, and his wife died in a car wreck, and between the two of them...apparently this makes him a lazy bum. What a crock of shit; this guy needs to get his shit together, clean up, get a real job, lay off the beer and the smoke and take control of his life.

Anyway, I get here, Rooster's already here, and already into the beer. As the day progresses, I try to ignore him as much as possible. The highlight of my day was heating up some leftover meatloaf, and Ray saying he'd take some of it, too. Rooster pipes up, wondering if there's "some for him, too" to which I damn near told him where to get off. I'm not here to cater to a bum, just a cripple. In the end, though, I kept the peace, left some for him, and ate my lunch.

Supposed to go Saturday to get a new eye exam. It's to the point now where my bad eye is OK, but not as good as it was, and my GOOD eye doesn't focus. Time for new glasses...

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