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Now, On To Kinder Things

I am in a really good mood. The last few weeks have been Hell. Many things fell apart before my eyes...many things cracked and shattered. But, Goddess is a crazy bitch, and I knew she'd come through for me.

There was the CB show. I don't need to try and say what that show was like or meant to me, I'm willing to bet you all figured that out. My friends have been there for me a lot, and helped me understand some facets of myself. cenobitten, discordian, zombiedip, alicynx, sylvaine2001...as always, you guys keep me sane and alive.

Speaking of friends, I've made a few new ones, and that's ALWAYS a cool thing (hey to my fellow Concrete Blonde fans cheapdialogue, magikgrrl, highndry, and especially kitters, who has given me some insights!)!

And lastly...I find that familiar twitch returning. You know what twitch, if you know me well enough. And, for a change? I'm not saying a damn thing.

At least...not yet.

But I'm smiling.

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