God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

OK, so, alarm at 6:30, woke up, feel pretty good. This gets me back to the sleep times I used to have (or at least closer), so I think it'll work. Which is good, as I don't need to be a basket case right now.

swanwhite's job is going to pretty much dominate her time for the next week, as there's a huge change to the company that she's in the middle of making happen, and it's going live three days ahead of when she thought. This explains why she didn't get home until 9 last night, and that is probably how it'll be for a few days (maybe even part of the weekend). Sucks seeing her less, but I know how it is.

Happy congrats go out to cobie, whose main CoH toon, The Brunch Ninja, made 50 last night. I (The Juice Lord, both members of the Champions of Breakfast) was there to witness as we beat down the forces of the Council Empire. A celebratory costume contest was held in Atlas Park, and much time was taken just showing off and chatting with other players.

swanwhite bought me a bad-ass axe for Valentine's Day, and gave it to me early. 'Tis very sweet, and I'm going to leather-wrap the haft. I bought myself a couple goodies, namely Bully and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance for the PS2.

OK, time to get the day in gear.

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