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A long day but a good one, for a change.

OK, had a scruffy start. Friday night, after madeofmeat and divinemissb left, I started to plan for the next day. I knew I wanted to get up and go get the oil changed in my car, so I hit The Box, which is where the cash for my car work was being kept. See, when we got the tax money in this year, a chunk was set aside for things the car needed done, and I've been promising myself I'd do them before I used the rest for any fun. A grand went into The Box, and a few bucks have come out of it for gas or food here and there, and I needed to know how much was left. Imagine my surprise to find it was down to $350. Yeah, THAT put me in a great mood. The cash for myself was still available, so it wasn't like I couldn't get the car done, just meant I'd have less for me. Yeah, high fuckin' point of the week. Passed out in a rotten mood.

OK, up entirely too early, like 5am or so after 4 hours sleep, with a raging sore throat. Original plan was to go out and get my paycheck cashed, get my weekly comics, and go get the oil changed. Since I was already awake, though, hit Oil Can Henry's when they opened at 8 and managed to get the oil changed, fuel filter replaced, and the dead lights in my turn signals, etc., replaced, all for about $100. OK, damn good start and all done fast.

Back home, relax a bit, go out to the bank with Dianna, get food, get comics, head home again. Even got a random phone call from cobie in there. I still want a tune-up done on the car, and find a Meineke not far from the house. In the end, turned out I was able to get the car in the same day and had it finished by 6, and all for $70. Dude was a little weirded out with the condition of the car being so good for being 20 years old, which makes me feel good about the damn thing.

Stopped in at the comic/game shop across town since I was right by it, picked up a couple card games (Give Me The Brain and Grave Robbers From Outer Space), stopped off at Target and got Erik a couple birthday presents (and me a couple of movies), and closed out the night with dinner and a trip down to the Hollywood theatre to see Pan's Labyrinth, which was excellent. Even for the various things that seemed forced or a little cheesy, the movie was very, very good. High marks. Ran into royhuggins while I was there, which was cool, since I haven't seen him in a coon's age.

Good sex and good sleep....and the morning is starting well. *sigh* Gonna relax and enjoy it while it lasts, as we'll have Erik here soon and I gotta do laundry and dishes and...well, back to real life.

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