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Sex News

Just a couple things that hit me in the news this morning...

1. Playboy archives on DVD - Yep, Playboy is going to release it's 53-year run on DVDs. They'll scan and re-type all 636 issues (a total of 115,880 pages and more than 93,000 photographs)...because we all know anyone getting this is doing it for the articles.

2. Hoohaa Monologues?!? - So, a group of law school students in Florida is doing The Vagina Monologues, and are donating all the proceeds to charity. Nice, right? Well, the name is being put up as "Hoohaa Monologues" because some woman complained. Ignoring for a moment that this play/performance has been done all over the world for 10 years now, here's what really got me: she complained that she was "offended" when her niece asked her what a vagina was. Yes, "offended" that a child asked her what a word meant. A word which is a clinical medical term for a body part that they shared. Christ, Americans need to get over this shit. If it had been, say "Cunt Monologues" or something, OK, I'd understand.

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