God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Pandemonium, Day Two

OK, first off, huge thanks to everyone expressing their condolences and all the offers of help in varying forms. It is greatly appreciated, and nice to be reminded that help and friendship is out there. You all rock, and you're all in my cool book. Thank you.

So, let's see. Well, got a few more details on the accident. Brandon drove this little sport pick-up, nothing big, and apparently ran through a stop sign (no one knows why, obviously). Someone coming the other way t-boned him, right in the driver's side door, and he was crushed. From what I've been led to understand, he probably passed out quick, so chances are good he didn't suffer much.

I haven't seen Crystel or Katie yet, but one would assume they are a mess. Pretty much everyone else has let it all settle in and is pulling their shit together. James has already started on the ramp thing, and we're just doing it in concrete instead of wood, which turns out to be a better thing in the end; he said he needed something to do, anyway. I'll be starting the next batch of wine-making today, I think, as swanwhite doesn't want to go out there this Sunday; needs a little more time to get her own head together before dealing with anyone else.

Hmm, this post needs a smile or two. Well, one, not wanting to cook last night, we went out, found this incredible little Italian place downtown, so that was damn nice. What else...oh, treasach shared this video of laughing quadruplets, which should get you smiling. Oh, and for those not in the know, LJ is going to be selling more permanent accounts in the near future, so if you've been wanting one, be ready.

Dammit, who's calling me this early in the morning...OK, back, that was Ray, I gotta leave early, so I'll cut this short. Oh, also just heard that Katie just had the baby, and he's doing fine. Just a day late to see his Dad. Man, if I believed in reincarnation...

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