God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Somewhat Sexy News

- Police are searching for an as-yet-unidentified woman who apparently entered the Pi Kappa Alpha frat house at the University of Michigan and masturbated for about half an hour. No one saw how she got in (though the 'propped-open-for-repairs' front door is a good guess), and no one understands why she would not leave when asked. Eventually, she did, once the police had been called. Fraternity members said they will throw out two couches in the living room because of the incident. I think there's something wrong with the frat boys in Michigan...on the other hand, they DID let it go on for half an hour.

- A 24-year-old man charged with stealing hundreds of pairs of women's underwear faces 12 charges of 2nd degree felony burglary and one felony charge of 1st degree theft. Police say they recovered nearly 100lbs of bras and panties from his home and car, valued at over $2,000. The news story is notable for the fact that they felt the need to show multiple pictures of the "evidence" as well as a video clip from the news. Two things: one, the clip is a riot, and two, from the looks of the recovered skivvies, the apartment complex where this guy was operating must be just chock full of young, hot ladies...or maybe they just laid out the sexiest pieces for good TV.

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