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Well, let's see.

- Got to the farm early, and hit the shop again, armed with an electric planer. Lemme tell ya, having the right tools makes things SO much less aggravating. Finished off the ramp in no time flat, cleaned up the shop, and had it in place in about half an hour. Works like a charm, hooray!
- Power Chair Guy came out, checked out the house, and talked about options. Everything looks like it's a green light, so that ball is rolling.
- Did the next step on the batch of wine I'm making, which is going smoothly.
- It's Friday, and though Rose forgot to pay me, she's dropping the cash off with Dianna, so I'll get it eventually.
- It's 70 degrees outside, and might get as high as 76. I slept with my window open last night, and I felt GREAT getting up.
- Good times hanging out with John last night, and good times coming with the game tonight.
- Ghost Shrimp, my City of Villains Stalker, completed his first respec trial last night, and is not only my highest level villain, but fourth highest in his supergroup, meaning he's well on his way to winning a contest we have running.
- Speaking of City of Heroes, I should have my next veteran badge in about a week. Yeah, most of you have no clue what that means, but for my CoX buddies, that means Hillside Thicket finally gets his wings!
- I have a nifty new turtle icon, made by the inimitable cobie.
- Perhaps most importantly, things are progressing in a direction that may very well have me free from the caregiver thing by the end of this month!!!!

Dammit, I was determined to have a post that wasn't negative. And I'm really going to try and get my mood up, all this depressive shit is, well, depressing. Can't get better unless I make it happen, right? If I can't fix it, I can damn well paint over it. ;)

To quote Ashley J. Williams, "By God, let's give 'em what for!"

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