God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

Another weekend down, another week starts. Fairly slow, as weekends go, really. Nothing much happening aside from finally making myself sit down and finish Bully and making a trip to the library. I swear, I get so frustrated with the library, here. Every time I go to look for something specific, they don't have it. The best I can figure is that, since the largest of the system is the one I frequent, that most of the time people have a book shipped from one to the other, it goes away from mine to theirs, and then stays there. Nine books I went to look up, and not a damn one there. Happened across Crystal Lake Memories, though, which is cool, since I've been wanting to read it, so not a complete loss.

Up a bit early the last few mornings, but nothing bad. Heh, maybe just the knowledge that this is almost over is helping, huh? or maybe it's the weather change. Eh, no matter. Glad things are looking up.

OK, my jeans should be about dry, and I gotta get moving. Long week ahead...hope everyone's Hide-Your-Eggs-From-Jesus Day was a pleasant one.

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