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Massive Cleaning Attack

So I've retreated to my computer, since Heidi and Alice are on a clean freak. Not that I am complaining, two beautiful women are cleaning my apartment! But I've learned to juststay out of their way...

So Chamblin came (a day later than she arranged) and got the rest of her stuff, and I got my house key back. That means, at long last, she is completely out of my life. (*WHEW*) It's been a long, hard road out of Hell, but well worth it.

Last night, we all went to Mick and Auralee's pre-wedding party (it kept being called their 'bachelor/bachelorette party', but c'mon, no strippers? No way.) at this steakhouse called Rock Salt, which has this little bar/club in it called Latitude 47. Was actually a lot of fun, but the best part for me was the fact that Jesse came out and asked Heidi and I, point blank, if we were officially an item (the last time she was around us was the night before I broke up with Cha, when she watched everyone and asked me, again point blank, "So, which one are you fucking?"). I cringed inwardly for a second, knowing how she and I are keeping this as unspoken as possible, but she smiled and said yes. You can only imagine how that made ME feel...yeah, ecstatic was a good choice of words, very good.

So there you have it. The weather forecast in Frankland is very pretty today, indeed.

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