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Hee Hee

I convinced hazeleyedgal_25 to open up the card deck listing from "friends only" to "public"...and there are still many cards left. C'mon, I have too many beautiful friends not to get on this...01flux? cenobitten? erotocism? corachaos? josienutter? leenerella? corpsephucker? alicynx? kitters? mnemosyne138? notyourbusiness? pornrockangel? shannonkringen? scurvykat? rayce? velvetacidgrrrl? nysidra? ravenlace? Hell, and that's just the feminine ones of you that I KNOW have pix online...you are all beautiful, get cracking! Guys, you too!

This is gonna be a cool idea...

(EDIT: Yeesh, you'd think I'd learn...you guys are all beautiful...I just mentioned those that, off the top of my head, I knew had online pix...there are more I have seen in person or have seen pix of, but I cannot vouch for pix online...)

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