God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll (archmage) wrote,
God of Thunder and Rock'n'Roll

With our normal Friday night game cancelled, ended up showing Fight Club and Dark City to divinemissb (she'd never seen either of them). Good times, nice to just kick back and do the movie thing...which reminds me that next weekend is the BMaB/house-warming at jahnji's place. Gotta figure out what I'm taking with me...

Not enough sleep, but I'll manage. Slept better than the night before. Thursday, got a wild notion to take the barbells out of the nipple piercings and put the rings in. All went well, though I could not get the beads back in the rings (after Dianna got home, we fucked with them until it dawned on her that we have a pair of bulldogs in the house, and that got it happening). So, they're a little sore again, but no worries (but yeah, sleeping was a little touchy!). After a month or so, I'll take these out and get some larger diameter rings, these are just too damn tiny on big ol' me), but for now, I'm just gonna let them heal up.

Oh, good news, someone at Dianna's office has offered to take Siren! Yep, I'm finally gonna get that stupid feline out of my house. Yippee!

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